What is Softscape Landscaping and Why It Matters in Your Property Design


You’ve certainly heard of landscape before, but you may be less familiar with its two main components: hardscape and softscape. Hardscape refers to permanent, basic elements such as stone and rock, courtyards and driveways, walls and stairways, waterfalls and ponds – elements that permanently change the shape, structure and attributes of the land. On the other side, plantings and botanical elements that live and grow, add character and beauty in, on and around the hardscape are called softscape. Your landscape project will most likely combine both elements.

By integrating the two design elements, you can create a fully functional landscape that creates an attractive outdoor space that accentuates your property. 365, we’re providing softscaping services that blend seamlessly with your hardscape to create a stunning final look. Read on to learn more about softscaping and why it’s essential in your outdoor design.

Keeps your landscape contained

Without a mixture of hardscaping and softscaping, no landscape is complete. With too many softscape features and not enough hardscape features, your outdoor area may look a little lagoon-like and unkempt. With too many softscape features and not enough hardscape features, your garden may look a little lagoon-like and unkempt. The aim is to create enough balance between the two to maintain your yard and garden remain controlled and contained within specific boundaries.

Creates a welcoming appeal

On the other hand, if you have too much hardscape and very little softscape, your lawn might look uninviting. Starting with some decorative hardscape, such as interlocking stones and infusing some softscape elements, such as your shrubs, you can create the perfect balance needed to create a stunning garden design.

Adds value to any garden

It’s well worth investing in your home’s softscape because plants and trees increase a home’s value. An attractive home with a well-manicured yard, complete with soft and hardscaping, increases the aesthetic of your home. In turn, this directly increases your home’s property value and adds value to appraisal for potential buyers.

Some people avoid softscape because they believe it’s hard to maintain and costly to upkeep. However, there are ways of incorporating hardscape and softscape together to create a low-maintenance and low-impact design that offers a number of financial benefits to homeowners. For instance, by adding some green space to your yard, you can reduce the amount of storm runoff that contributes to flooding, which can cause serious damages to the foundation and structure of homes. Installing a fresh green lawn also helps to regulate better the temperature surrounding your home so that you can save money each year on your heating and cooling costs.

If you’re ready to take advantage of all the benefits that softscaping has to offer, contact us at 365 Landscaping Services.

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