Ways to Discourage Loitering On Your Commercial Property

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Whether you’re managing a shopping centre, apartment complex, or office building, loiterers will deter prospective tenants and customers. If a property feels unsafe or unpleasant then prospective tenants or customers will write it off as undesirable. Loiterers can trash your car park, graffiti your walls and send the wrong signal to customers. If patrons and visitors avoid your place due to the presence of loiterers, then it can result in loss of money and tenant complaints.

Loitering can harm your property’s success by deterring visitors, making business uncomfortable, and generally discouraging potential customers. So how can you discourage loitering on your commercial property? There are a few simple steps you can take to help deter people from loitering around your property – ones that you might already be doing.

Install security camera and video monitoring systems

A security camera is a perfect way to warn potential loiterers that your property is being watched – so that you will have evidence of any damage they might be doing. A video monitoring system can inform you of who is loitering on the property and when. Even if the camera is non-operational you can use “Video Monitoring on Premises” signs to both inform and discourage loiterers, for fear of being caught it is enough to scare off any loiterers from your property.

Keep your property free of litter

It is vital to keep your property free from litter and other debris. Once one person litters, it encourages others to do the same – and a filthy property signals to individuals that you’re not monitoring your property, creating the impression that loitering will go unnoticed. Make sure that the trash bins are available on the premises so that the trash will not become a problem.

Perform regular maintenance and upkeep to your building

On a similar note, keeping your building clean and free from graffiti, oil stains, dirt and other clutter, show passers-by that you care about your building’s appearance. It works to prevent vandalism, delinquency and loitering on your commercial building without spending any extra money.

Maintaining your building clean includes investing in car park sweeping, and even landscaping services for your building. All of these services will help to discourage loitering on your commercial property while also promoting a good image of your business to your clients.

Remove graffiti and vandalism quickly

If graffiti are painted on your building or on your parking lot, remove it within 24 hours, if possible. Walk your business grounds every day to ensure that signs, light fixtures and windows are safe and not damaged. The presence of existing graffiti will only encourage troublemakers to loiter around your commercial building. A well-maintained building lets people know that you keep an eye on your property and that the authorities will be called in the event of trespassing, loitering or vandalism.

Play loud music or distracting sounds

There are also more unconventional but creative and effective ways of reducing loitering. Many shop owners used music or annoying noises to disperse the crowds.

Loud music makes it harder for people to linger around, gossip and cause trouble. Annoying buzzing or screeching noises can also be used. Store owners can turn them on and off as needed, reducing the danger of asking loiterers to leave their property.

Do you have any loitering preventive tips that are not mentioned here?

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