Roof Painting: Leave it with Pro or No?

The DIY approach to doing things around the house is so widely known that you may wonder why you have to hire someone to paint your roof. Well, sadly, newbies tend to overlook even the most basic things that a professional acquires. If you’re looking to add value to your home, it is usually wise to hire a professional roof painter. It can even work out cheaper than doing it on your own – especially if you get the prep work wrong!

Think Through your DIY Roof Painting Project

If you live in a single-storey house whose roof wasn’t very steep, DIY painting may seem like a great idea. But before you settle on the colour to use, do a thorough inspection of your roof. It’s also at this stage that you believe that a competent roof painter should definitely be hired.

Before choosing a paint colour, grab a ladder and inspect your roof. Then consider hiring pro painters for your roof. Why? There are several reasons:

1. The roof needs some pressure cleaning before you even start painting

2. The roof may require repairs

3. Painting the roof is not as easy as it looks

4. To ensure an expert paint job, you will need equipment such as spray paint. Do you know how to use it?

5. Safety Hazards – When painting the roof, are you even insured against potential accidents?

More Cons of Painting a Roof Yourself

Painting your roof is a type of job that involves costly safety equipment that you might not currently have at your home. For a single project, acquiring this equipment may be challenging and expensive.

The cost of painting is another problem you might face if you decide to paint your roof on your own. Professional paint contractors will usually buy paint in bulk to get a better price on the large amount of paint they use in a day.

Experience is another aspect that is lacking when someone tries to paint their own roof. Consulting a specialist who has expertise would help you implement the project.

Overall, instead of attempting DIY roof repair, it is wisest to employ a skilled roofer. If you’re trying to fix your own roof, you’re at risk of damaging it and the rest of your house. You may also void your coverage and end up costing yourself a lot more than if you employed a professional roofer first. Unlike many DIY home ventures, DIY roofing is not safe, cost-effective or simple.

You can still ask your contractor questions if you want to be more specific about what your roofer would be doing. A trustworthy roofer will gladly demonstrate to you what ails your roof and how they plan to repair it. Plus, 365 offers assessment for free that can help you learn about your roof.

If you need roofing work done, contact 365.

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