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Our client had a really good commercial space that was being represented poorly as the current paint works were lacking. We completed a two tone factory repaint for their industrial factory. The client had had a tenant sign a lease before the works had commenced, but it had been agreed that the repaint would be complete before they moved in. There were potential financial penalties for the client if they failed to have the work completed in time. Thanks to our large, skilled team, we provided a four day turnaround with a beautiful, high quality finish.

Griffith University got in touch with us because they needed to get their Nathan Campus up to scratch before an inspection and resetting of budgets were to take place. From the time our quote was accepted, we had a really tight deadline to get it done. We needed to pressure wash approximately 3,000 square metres of pathways, roundabouts, and other concrete areas. Griffith University’s Nathan Campus has a massive amount of traffic paired with pedestrian traffic. So, we needed to complete this project overnight. We managed to pressure wash this massive surface area over six nights with the help of three high powered units, a team of 15 personnel, and our traffic management team. Our 365 Services Group team got this done safely and on time with the help of their effective coordination and communication.

Our client, Peninsula Apartments had an old pool fence which was no longer compliant with the relevant laws. Their pool fence was posing safety issues and potential legal issues. We needed to replace the fence, which covered a massive area inside this luxury apartment block. There were other considerations involved too. We had to ensure it complied with the strict pool fencing requirements and we needed to do our best to not interfere with our clients’ or their tenants’ day to day lives. This required coordinating with multiple parties and an extremely high level of communication. We upgraded and replaced more than 300 lineal metres of power coated, pool and boundary fencing with a high quality of finish.

This client was finding it extremely hard to rent out their home due to the condition of the kitchen. It was in poor condition and needed to be renovated completely. The client had had a tenant sign a lease already with the requirement that the kitchen renovation would be complete before they moved in. There would be financial penalties for our client if the renovations weren’t completed on time. We took on this tight deadline. We utilised our relationship with our suppliers and negotiated an impressively quick turnaround for materials to arrive on time. Completing the project on time, we presented an extremely high quality of finish.

We were contracted to complete line marking for Logan Hyperdome’s car park. It was a massive job with over 400 car parks that needed to be lined, along with some requiring symbols and general car park arrows and pedestrian crossings. Logan Hyperdome has outlets that trade 24/7, however it was still logical to stage this work at night. We chose to do this over multiple nights so that the works would cause the least amount of disruption to both tenants and customers. Working to very strict tender guidelines, we needed to use specialist paints and run post completion testing. Thanks to our traffic management and line marking teams we completed this project on time, on budget, and with an excellent finish.

We provided our concrete resurfacing services to JLL for a block of high end apartments in West End. The building’s bin area had become rundown and needed some care. The area was in a high traffic access way to the building which has 400 units. It was a tight access area and we needed to work on a strict timeline to minimise disturbance to the tenants. We needed to coordinate multiple parties and prioritise the safety of the tenants and any members of the public. We completed the project with a finish that exceeded both the requirements and the client’s expectations.

Our client has an outdated car park that was causing safety issues for tenants and deterring visitors. They needed the car park’s bitumen to be completely resurfaced. It was a large area (2700 square metres) and it wasn’t possible to obtain permits for night work. So we needed to stage the project over multiple days. As the project took place during the day, we needed to take a number of safety precautions to keep the tenants and the public safe. We also needed to coordinate with the tenants so they wouldn’t lose business. Multiple variations to the scope came up as the project progressed, we rectified these as they arose and in a timely manner.