Preventive Maintenance in Property Management: Are You Making it Happen?

preventive maintenance

If you’re a property manager, you’ve probably heard the phrase “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” This mindset may work in the short term, but sudden costly repairs can become a nightmare for property management, and they take a considerable amount out of profits. The only solution in these circumstances is to follow a proactive approach and to perform preventive maintenance, but in some cases it might be too late.

If your team still operates on a reactive approach to maintenance, it’s time for a change. A strong preventive maintenance plan is the key to keeping your property in safe environment and small issues will not escalate into a major problem needing expensive repairs. Here are key areas of good preventative maintenance program and learn how to make it happen.

Create and Keep Track of Your Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Find a preventive maintenance checklist and modify it to meet your needs and those of the building. The checklist will include inspections of general building, interior, exterior and building systems. 

Do not forget to monitor electrical components. Faulty wiring and defective appliances can cause short circuits that pose major fire hazards. Before tenants move to the property, perform a full wiring inspection and check for any problems in all electrical appliances. Certified electricians should perform inspections to ensure that all electrical components comply with the building regulations.

Annual Rental Unit Inspection

Be sure to schedule the annual inspection in advance with your tenants and comply with the notification requirements. Pay close attention to bathrooms and kitchens where leakage can cause costly damage. During the inspection, use the checklist to keep you on track, but also watch for signs of other problems, such as mildew, mould or water damage.

Tend to The Outdoors

Trees and other large plants on your property should be maintained and cut off from electrical wires and buildings long before they become a concern. Tree damages can be expensive when compared with employing landscapers to keep them under control.

What if You Don’t Have Time? Try Asking for Professional Help

Property maintenance can be time consuming and involves a lot of effort, especially preventive maintenance. It is therefore best to leave this important aspect of property management in the capable hands of a dedicated and competent team to ensure you keep on schedule and the work gets done.

Armed with an experienced and knowledgeable team of cleaning professionals and tradesmen, 365 offers a broad range of property maintenance services. Our maintenance services are packaged and scheduled too. Things like mentioned above can all be packaged up and scheduled so it suits your needs and never goes forgotten.

We’ll work with you to create a maintenance schedule that effectively maintains your property.

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