How to Prevent Graffiti on Your Building


Having your premises vandalised by graffiti is a nightmare for every business owner. Not only does it look unappealing, but you’re also left with the expense and hassle of removing the graffiti. It makes a poor first impression on visitors to your building, conveying a negative image of your company or establishment.

If graffiti vandals mark your building, it is important to get it removed as soon as possible to avoid any negative impact. Especially because graffiti attracts more graffiti, and can get out of hand before you realize it.

The best approach is to prevent graffiti before it happens. Although preventing all graffiti vandalism is almost impossible, there are measures that you can enforce to deter potential offenders from causing damage. Most importantly, proactive graffiti mitigation can save building owners from the time-consuming and expensive process of cleaning and restoring walls and windows out front. Good prevention practices include:

Ensure proper maintenance: Places that look run-down are more appealing targets for graffiti vandals, as the site’s poor condition may mean that no one would bother removing their tags for a longer time. Well-maintained buildings imply that their graffiti will not be left in place.

Maximise lighting: Ensuring that your premises are well lit is an effective deterrent for all sorts of criminals, as it increases risk of detection and makes their actions more visible.

Implement formal surveillance: If you still don’t have formal surveillance methods in place, it’s well worth looking at your options. Areas and businesses which are susceptible to vandalism may also benefit from CCTV or security patrols. Although it does not guarantee full protection from violence, successful surveillance is a huge deterrent.

Apply protective coating: Anti-graffiti protective coatings can be applied to your property, as desired. These can be either “catcher-coats” or chemical-resistant coatings.

Restrict access with decorated walls or plants: Landscaping and environment design can be used to improve the property’s resistance to vandals and other intruders. Plants, such as ivy or vines, can be planted strategically along your building’s wall to reduce the available space for graffiti. Likewise, graffiti can be discouraged by a large mural on the wall because the wall is no longer a blank slate waiting to be marked.

Remove graffiti quickly and professionally: Removing graffiti as quickly as possible is a significant step towards reducing such kind of vandalism. Existing graffiti advertises that these premises are not well maintained and an easy target for other vandals.

If you are unsure how to deal with your graffiti problem, or the job is simply too big, contact 365. Our team is expert in graffiti removal and has all the tools and experience you need to make sure your premises are graffiti-free and look their best. They have a comprehensive understanding of correct graffiti removal methods too, always working to prevent chemical damage to your building.

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