How to Avoid a Budget Blowout When Renovating Your Office

Office Renovation

The office is the sounding board and launch pad for the creative ideas of your business. In order for any business to thrive, office renovation is essential. It can breathe new life into your business, express your brand more, motivate your employees, and make your visitors feel welcome. A comfortable and inspiring office often means higher productivity, company pride, and staff loyalty.

Most business people want the best possible return on their investment, so it’s no real surprise that renovation costs are a concern in every project. Renovation need not be too expensive. It’s possible to save budget on office renovation and get great results by taking an innovative approach.

To get the most out of your office renovation and to stay within budget, here are some money-saving tips:

  1. List Priorities

Before picking up the phone to consult a commercial contractor, establish the priorities for the office renovation. You certainly don’t need to completely rebuild your space. Having a firm plan in place will help save money when it comes to deciding what factors to improve upon and which ones to keep as the status quo.

  1. Be Smart on Hiring a Professional

Choosing the right one for your business needs is critical to avoiding problems down the road. Hiring an experienced contractor who specializes in commercial projects similar to yours is recommended.

Be aware that working with an unreliable commercial contractor will introduce nightmarish problems, like project delays, shoddy workmanship and even legal issues.

A reputable contractor, on the other hand, will identify potential issues and offer workable solutions. The professional advice of legitimate commercial contractors will save business owners substantial sums of money on the office renovation project. Choose to work with an experienced and licensed contractor.

  1. Think Long-term

Saving on the spot is great, but a good renovation keeps in mind how much you save in the long-run, too. But how? Make sustainable building upgrades during your renovation. You don’t need to spend thousands on solar panels, but invest in good quality insulation and choose the right lighting to save down the track. If you’re doing structural renos, make the most of raw energy. Ensure lighting over work areas is stronger than in hallways and reception areas, and make the most of all natural light that is available.

  1. Embrace Reuse

Renovations don’t have to mean out with the old, in with the new. Building features and furnishings with plenty of life left in them and reusing them can help keep your renovation costs down. An efficient HVAC system, including its ductwork and vents, can be reused. Unless it’s in poor condition or incredibly inefficient, you may be able to work with the existing mechanicals, ductwork and vents.

Another way is to repurpose existing flooring for use in another area. Concrete, hardwood and tile can often be revitalized with staining, refinishing and other techniques. Even if they are completely unsuitable in their current location, you might be able to repurpose them in another area.

Remodeling or renovating an office requires dependable, professional help. If you are planning a new commercial or industrial renovation project, you can rely on us. 

At 365, we understand how stressful and overwhelming renovating and refurbishing can be. Our experienced team of renovating experts offer full support and guidance throughout the process — so you’re never left wondering what the next step is. Contact us today at 1300 143 800 to get a free assessment.

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