Dangers of Pressure Washing Your Own Home

pressure washing

Say the concrete on your house is starting to look somewhat dirty and you’re thinking what would be the best way to clean it up.

Have you considered pressure washing?

If you’re confused about what exactly a pressure washer does, feel free to read our previous blog about some reasons why you need pressure cleaning for your property. It might sound simple, considering the instant benefits of this task. But just because your neighbor pulled out a pressure washer and went to town on his house doesn’t mean you should too. You may want to think twice about doing the job yourself.

Using a pressure washer without experience, even with proper know-how, can be risky. By running your washer in the wrong setting, using the wrong cleaning agents or getting too close to the surface, slight slip-ups can turn into expensive repair projects. A lot can go wrong. Here’s a few risks you should be aware of:

  • A pressure washer is nearly fifty times stronger than your average garden hose. Once water is shot at too high pressure, it can get into your walls and inside your house. Your house is designed to withstand rain and other precipitation, and can even withstand a low PSI with a pressure washer, but when full capacity pressure washers are used, you can end up with soggy carpets, damp attics, and moulds.
  • Most pressure washers have 20-30 feet of power cable, leaving them prone to tangles and cracks. If water ends up in one of these holes, there is a high risk of having an electric shock or the possibility of an electric fire. Pressure washers can only be used with an electric socket which is secured by a ground fault circuit interrupter. That removes the risk of electrical shock.
  • In addition to having the ability to deeply cut yourself, pressure washers also have the capacity to damage your home and ruin your surfaces. You can even end up cracking seals or blasting the paint off your siding if you don’t apply pressure evenly. In inexperienced hands, it could break window screens, cause leakage in window seals and more.


Given the cost of purchasing a pressure washer — along with the amount of time it takes to complete the job and the risks it entails — many homeowners find it’s worth the cost to hire a professional. Not only would a reputable team have the equipment and experience required to safely and efficiently clean the floor, but their services are usually affordable.

Hire a professional pressure cleaning service who will efficiently, safely, and thoroughly clean your house without causing any potential problems. Contact us today to learn more about our services!



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