5 Interior Painting Tips for a Flawless Finish

Whether you're moving into a new space or renovating a room to give it a fresh new look, one of ...
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Roof Painting: Leave it with Pro or No?

The DIY approach to doing things around the house is so widely known that you may wonder why you have ...
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sustainable hardscaping

Guide to Sustainable Hardscaping

Most of the residential landscapes comprise a combination of hardscapes (patios, decks, walkways and driveways) and ornamental plants. When you ...
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365 cleaning services

How To Hire The Best Local Window Cleaner Near You?

Window cleaning seems to be one thing you can never get around to, particularly high or hard to reach windows ...
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365 construction

Advantages of Choosing a Project Manager for your Office Fit-out

Deciding if you should renovate your office is a daunting decision, but attempting to oversee the process by yourself can ...
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commercial gutter cleaning

Benefits of Regular Commercial Gutter Cleaning

Commercial buildings, as residential properties, are no exception when it comes to damage caused by rainwater. Unkempt or ignored gutters ...
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pressure washing

Dangers of Pressure Washing Your Own Home

Say the concrete on your house is starting to look somewhat dirty and you're thinking what would be the best ...
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concrete repainting

Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

As a homeowner you are aware of the value of curb appeal, not only for the purposes of real estate, ...
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Questions to Ask Before Starting a Rental Property Landscaping Project

Finding the right mix of landscaping services for your property can be a challenging task. Being the owner of the ...
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commercial cleaning

Ways to Discourage Loitering On Your Commercial Property

Whether you're managing a shopping centre, apartment complex, or office building, loiterers will deter prospective tenants and customers. If a ...
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6 Effective Office Fit-Out Ideas For Small Spaces

Got a tiny office space? Worry no more! With an excellent fit-out, you can optimise every inch of your workspace ...
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preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance in Property Management: Are You Making it Happen?

If you're a property manager, you've probably heard the phrase "If it's not broken, don't fix it." This mindset may ...
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How to Prevent Graffiti on Your Building

Having your premises vandalised by graffiti is a nightmare for every business owner. Not only does it look unappealing, but ...
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What is Softscape Landscaping and Why It Matters in Your Property Design

You've certainly heard of landscape before, but you may be less familiar with its two main components: hardscape and softscape ...
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A Beginner’s Guide to Rendering: What Type of Render is Right for You?

Rendering is a job like plastering, which takes some skill and a lot of practice. We don't advise you to ...
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bathroom cleaning

5 Bathroom Cleaning Tips You Won’t Regret Trying

Having a sparkling clean bathroom can be a difficult proposition. Cleaning the bathroom is a task that many homeowners are ...
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home renovation

5 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Home Renovation

Taking on a renovation project can be a daunting, yet rewarding, task. You know you want to do it but ...
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Property Maintenance

Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Properties for Cold Season

Cold season is upon us, and many of us are getting ready for freezing temperatures, ice, hail, snow and strong ...
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Line Marking 365

Importance of Clear Car Park Line Markings

Today, when almost everyone owns a car, parking spaces are becoming less accessible. And that's why everyone should be well ...
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Residential Landscaping

5 Benefits of Retaining Walls for Residential Landscaping

A retaining wall has the basic structural purpose of containing soil and thereby preventing erosion. Retaining walls are used on ...
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Office Renovation

How to Avoid a Budget Blowout When Renovating Your Office

The office is the sounding board and launch pad for the creative ideas of your business. In order for any ...
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Wall Painting

4 Top Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Painting Professional

As a business owner, you are most likely aware of just how important first impressions and appearances can be, especially ...
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The Fast and Easy Way to Remove Mould from Grout

It’s a given—no one wants to use a dirty bathroom. Many of us look forward to a few minutes of ...
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Pressure Washing

5 reasons why you need pressure cleaning

When it comes to your property, proper maintenance is crucial. There are some parts of a commercial or residential building ...
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6 reasons why landscaping is important

When you have a home or an office space, you always want to make it look good. Aside from looking ...
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5 benefits of maintenance in commercial buildings

Whether you own a commercial or residential building, the one thing that’s constant is maintenance. Maintaining your property does a ...
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